National Conference of the
Early Childhood Research Collaborative

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota Center for Early Education and Development

Human Capital Conference Series on Early Childhood Development

Critical Issues in Cost Effectiveness in Children’s First Decade

Friday, December 7 and Saturday, December 8, 2007
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Childhood Programs and Practices in the First Decade of Life

Published August 2010

Childhood Programs and Practices in the First Decade of Life presents research findings on the effects of early childhood programs and practices in the first decade of life and their implications for policy development and reform. Leading scholars in the multidisciplinary field of human development and in early childhood learning discuss the effects and cost-effectiveness of the most influential model, state, and federally funded programs, policies, and practices. These include Head Start, Early Head Start, the WIC nutrition program, Nurse Family Partnership, and Perry Preschool as well as school reform strategies. This volume provides a unique multidisciplinary approach to understanding and improving interventions, practices, and policies to optimally foster human capital over the life course. The contributors originally wrote papers for or presented research at a Human Capital Research Collaborative conference held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis on Dec. 7-8, "Critical Issues in Cost Effectiveness in Children's First Decade."


Robert H. Bruininks, Arthur J. Reynolds, Arthur J. Rolnick, Michelle M. Englund, Judy A. Temple, Barbara Devaney, David L. Olds, Frances A. Campbell, Craig T. Ramey, Helen H. Raikes, Rachel Chazan-Cohen, John M. Love, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Gary Resnick, Lawrence J. Schweinhart, Suh-Ruu Ou, William T. Gormley, Jr, Marijata Daniel-Echols, Elena V. Malofeeva, Ellen Frede, W. Steven Barnett, Kwanghee Jung, Cynthia Esposito Lamy, Alexandra Figueras, Edward Zigler, Vi-Nhuan Le, Sheila Nataraj Kirby, Heather Barney, Claude Messan Setodji, Daniel Gershwin, Jeremy D. Finn, Allison E. Suriani, Charles M. Achilles, Andrew J. Mashburn, Robert C. Pianta, Gary H. Stern, Robert G. Lynch, Clive Belfield, Henry Levin, James J. Heckman, Seong Hyeok Moon, Rodrigo Pinto, Peter Savelyev, Adam Yavitz, Flavio Cunha